Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Perfectly cooked asparagus best ways

Asparagus is a vegetable and ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome as a medicinal plant used and known time. Asparagus can help reduce the risk of heart disease is high folic acid. In turn, helps promote the spread of good good digestion bacteria in the digestive tract contains inulin. Currently, preparation and proper cooking is so important, it remains one of the most popular vegetables at the dinner table.
The best way to cook asparagus are some things to remember about. The first is the selection process. As with all plants, rotten or spotting is important to choose the nails. This is more or less what comes from the elderly or infirm gives security. Next is to look at the color. The life clean and green or purple background, it is expected that different types of asparagus. Finally, check that the flat asparagus.
Dealing with the hard part is out, cutting break to prepare for cooking asparagus. The easiest way to do this, just peel asparagus spear and a difficult part to bend.
The best way to cook asparagus is to control the cooking time to avoid an emotional dinner table consistency of service. They are best served al dente or firm dispense some resistance towards the center. Depending on the thickness of asparagus generally only 3-5 minutes to cook asparagus. Asparagus can be a food service very hot and cold. The best way to cook asparagus when served hot, take a few minutes before the scheduled time to eat. Once flame out because they are not the internal temperature will continue to cook a few minutes more. It is served cold, dipped in ice water to stop the cooking process at a later date based on the projected time to cook asparagus, and it is important. Service offers crisp.
Another way to cook better asparagus cook them upright. Others have special steam cooking vegetables harmony. The more steam tender tips to ensure even in this case, asparagus and cook in boiling water background hard water.
The pin can also be prepared in various ways. The best way to cook asparagus when the network is to make preheated grill and lubricated before making good grilled asparagus. This grid takes less than a minute to cook. This can only be served with grilled meat seasoned with salt and pepper as a side.
Asparagus can also be roasted. Play the best way to cook asparagus fat when roasting tray is arrange in a single layer. For 2 minutes over high heat and cook for about 425 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, turn and cook for another 2 minutes spear. Serve with salt and pepper and toss them in a hot vegetable salad.
Asian cuisine, you can add sautéed asparagus. As this is a quick cooking temperatures sauteed asparagus spear prescribed about 2 inches Ideally, it is important to be smaller and cut into regular pieces. .I Should include asparagus before pulling hot safely on a wok minute, add oil or until the pieces of asparagus divided by colorful creatures.
With regard to materials, the best way to cook asparagus, following any additional spices and condiments: basil, black pepper, capers, chives, coriander, garlic, ginger, lemon balm, mint, miso, mustard, parsley, rosemary, tarragon and thyme. They beets, carrots, cashew nuts, mushrooms, potatoes, lemon and served with orange.
Taking all these steps, the best cook again this sweet and juicy vegetables while maximizing the health benefits of asparagus asparagus in mind always perfectly cooked.

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