Monday, June 16, 2014

Week of National Fire Prevention - Ending fire fireplace forever!

Cooking Stove - October 8 to 15 - the number one cause of home fires, the issue of Prevention Week this year National Fire "The Heat Watch" is based.
118700 home fires, one in four minutes, then place the kitchen equipment, NFPA 2003, according to the report, 250 killed, 3,880 wounded, and reached $ 512 million in damage to property direct. Estimates of the Board of Home Security indicate that the billions of dollars in indirect costs. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States, US has one of the highest rates of fire and mortality due to injury in the world.
These groups are held the families of low income constant, a number of years and most vulnerable seniors and students during the fire.
The loss of life, the costs associated with injuries and stove There is a national indifference? For the prevention of fires Community is doing its part, but it is very difficult to change the behavior of adults. Smoke detectors and sprinklers have a significant impact on saving lives, and the adoption of public education, but did nothing to prevent the cause of all these measures. The detectors and fire alarms that alert the host; loss systems help to minimize extinction; but what about the first step in preventing these fires occur technologies!
Our house is equipped with technologies that are constantly evolving - State-art entertainment system; personal property security systems and heating systems and low consumption to keep the product to us in just a few words of comfort and security. However, little changed over the past 50 years, with traditional stove and every day. There are electronic displays, timers, and there may be other toys, but the truth is an electric stove spiral element the same device used our grandparents, you may have a legacy that is heated to temperatures above the necessary cooking many dishes - second temperature oil and other household materials for cooking, the ability to turn the ahi THIS.
Worth a pound of cure An ounce of prevention is ageless. Overheating of the element - the stove requires a natural problem, caused deaths and permanent solution to reduce injuries.
This engineering solution designed to help prevent fires safely in stove T-element from cooking system ™,! No problems still effectively during cooking cooking oils and other common household materials from the point of ignition, high-end temperature increase of an electric cooker coil element, element-T ™ secure has the potential to significantly reduce the number burners for cooking utensils.
Stovetop fires are a disproportionate number of poor people, college and senior housing because it can easily happen in this vulnerable, is a solution that can be directed to high-risk groups.
Safe-T-element ™ cooking system, which are designed to help prevent fires stove before you start! But perfectly monitored by an electrical coil element plate under high-temperature cooking oil and other common household materials effective ignition point of cooking during cooking.
This technology was originally taken into device manufacturers will be installed at the source. The dangers of the stove associated with prior art devices against him, however, the stove abuse tie this amazing place Statistics. That may be true, but cigarettes, candles, pillows and children's clothing and also said, this category of products, or the potential intensified voluntary industry has taken steps to protect their customers or force abuse and legislators situation. Stovetop fires be the most vulnerable. For example, older people, there is a significant difference between forgetting associated with abuse and the elderly. Data from the voluntary or forced industry an end to this problem is the adoption of the new technology of the time.
Industry and / or Members to reduce the problem / interested in resolving this important social problem and should be addressed simply

Sunday, June 8, 2014

It would not be the same without cooking ..

Cooking is definitely an integral part of the house. Pressure on the side pot is a very important tool in the kitchen. Help the cook very quickly. Pressure cooker is like no other in the kitchen. Cover the pan seal completely when it starts to boil, steam traps in these quarries. This will lead to a higher cooking temperature, cooking time, but saved.
The lid has a rubber ring that helps connect the pressure buildup in the seal or vapor compression or pot. This rubber ring seal or keeping clean food particles is very important to obtain a good seal. It is closed and then automatically creates the pressure in the release is very high.
There are some reasons to use a pressure cooker.
Save time: the less food is ready in no time have greatly saves time and use this boat cook. You can place the ingredients and doing things, while the boiling anthers, you can configure. This allows you to cook faster cooking time saves up to 70 percent. Cooking saves time because it may also contain more vitamins and minerals in lower water consumption and traditional cuisine by food.
Energy: The amount of microwave energy used is reduced because it takes less time. It is a few minutes after creation, without frequently consulting and therefore you surrender.
You heat the pan was jammed in the kitchen stays cool. Compared to traditional cooking methods will also be very clean kitchen.
Tips to consider when buying a pressure cooker
There are varieties of this pot in the market. In general, the dimensions used to produce these material quality varies January. You can buy more or less, depending on family size. These are within or aluminum or stainless steel. Aluminium can be cheaper, but the downside is that the food can easily get bottom of the pot, it is more advisable stainless steel.
To read the guidance of producers and manual safety measures before using it is always good. It would not be the same without a cooking pressure cooker; gives a faster cooking time.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Your home during cooking

Upcoming holidays also mean one thing - the tons of kitchen work. That's why the fire safety measures must be in place within the structures and houses. Fire trails most often starts in the kitchen. The mother and daughter were captured and killed in the fire, where recently a family home on two floors, located burned Monteagle Street.

Based on our research, the origin of the fire authorities that sign in the kitchen and that was causing the autonomous fires from spreading. More tragic was not working properly and that the smoke alarms not get out in time to warn parents about the fire. Perhaps the greatest fear of the family is losing a fire in someone's home. Although homeowners insurance, though it would be prudent to avoid such unfortunate accidents. To avoid this frightening scenario, here are some tips for the application of fire safety measures in your home.

Teach yourself and your family about basic fire safety. Classical rules "stop, drop and roll", especially for children, is a good tip to remember. Smoke filled the house, instead of facing forward first and then stop crawling through the smoke cloud. In the case of a fire in your home, make sure the output is a good security plan. And despite the fear that your valuables trapped in a burning house, and jeopardize the future savior would still be wise to go to the burning building.

This room, especially in rooms such as the living room and kitchen should be ceiling mounted smoke detector or smoke alarm. They should also be checked regularly, and the batteries must be replaced regularly to ensure that the work is still in good condition. Never disconnect or remove the smoke detector - the noise can be a major inconvenience, but it is small compared with the potential to save lives.

Be careful when cooking meals. Cooking stoves, dry and should be cleaned of oil and flammable materials. Curtains or grill to cook these devices must be close. Never ever leave a hot stove or open and underground crockpot. A Dutch oven or Dutch oven ebook cookbook may be trying a few slow cooking methods, but remember not to leave the top open pot. System should also be slow cooking meat for control over water.