Friday, May 2, 2014

Cook rice in rice cooker

Producing excellent results in a rice cooking kitchen is an easy task. Even without the steps that anyone can cook culinary skills in a quick, easy and convenient. Once pan of cooked rice, it switches off automatically, you need not watch salty foods as you do. Again, the rice grains reveal the best and, therefore, to be held in all that is combined with all types of dessert or may reveal the taste of delicious food, no tricks. Here are some of these tricks to cook perfect rice cooker.
Right Rice received
Available, including, but white long grain, medium grain brown Basmati, jasmine and Arborio not limited nature, there are many varieties. Each cooks in a different way. Grain short cooks sticky example, soft, medium-grained cream chefs long grain. Brown and because the nature of the raw than any other type of cooking wild rice.
Dishes and desserts like the thought based on rice varieties of rice, consider the unique qualities. For example, short grain sticky cream is the best sushi dish used for desserts. The main objective of the cooking time will be different for each type of grain to bring the best qualities.
After a rice cooker boiled rice depends on the type of cooking. For example, the cooked grain along with a small amount of oil and then is better until the rice grains by adding this is unclear. Add 1.5 cups of liquid ratio of rice a glass of cold water with a tight lid and bring the mixture to a boil. He then cooked at the highest level helps to fluff up the rice in husk mail spongy texture while cooking rice bran itself. Brown is different cooked. Add cooler water to drain the excess water and grains are soft.
Wash the rice Act
One of the most important to cook the rice in a rice cooker to wash the rice grains preparatory stages. Of course, the best moisturizers and creams taste, there are exceptions, such as cooked basmati without washing water to keep the texture and consistency. For most varieties of rice, talc and other waste is best to remove the washed rice.
Wash Rice, avoid rubbing against each other. Otherwise, the rice grain friction replaces', not to mention the consistency once prepared and washed with water. Instead, simply rinse the beans is no longer a circular hand motion. Then washed in electronic rice grain rice cooker sheep. Add the chicken broth or rice water mixture leaves the panda to give more flavor to baked beans.

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